Cape Girardeau

Photos: Floodwaters at Red Star District in Cape Girardeau, Southeast Missouri Receding

Wednesday, May 4, 2011. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here in Southeast Missouri, but Mississippi River flood waters seem to be receding (at least temporarily) in Cape Girardeau’s Red Star District, as well as Cape Rock Park. According to Red Star District resident Peggy Benaivdz, the Mississippi River […]

An Afternoon at 1207 North Main 1

The second day shooting the powerful flooding in the Southeast Missouri area proved to be eye-opening. Literally just a two-minute drive from my home stands 1207 North Main Street – currently surrounded on all sides by four feet of water and climbing hourly. A mountain of sandbags and barriers are […]

Top 10 Most Photogenic Places in Cape Girardeau County

Kristin and I moved to Cape Girardeau last February. Since then, we’ve explored Cape Girardeau, stumbling upon some great photographic locations and meeting some amazing people. Here’s a list of our top ten most photogenic places in Cape Girardeau County. Have we overlooked anywhere? 10. Dennis Scivally Park. This neighborhood park […]