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This shoot was a first for me; I have never photographed a newborn session. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but let me tell you I am hooked on newborn photography! It was so much fun! And Rohan was a perfect little model, staying asleep for the entire time as we changed out poses, props and outfits.

I mean look at that cute little face! And congrats to the proud new parents…you guys are such an adorable little family. It’s been a huge honor to first get to document Gopal and Joanna’s maternity session and then to document Rohan’s first few days of life. I can’t wait to see Rohan grow up and hope to be there to photograph him along the way!

Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_01Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_02Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_03Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_04Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_05Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_06Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_07Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_08Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_09Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_10Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_11Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_12Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_13Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_14Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_15Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_16Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_17Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_18Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_21Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_20Rohan Parekh newborn_BLOG_19

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