Caleb Newborn Photos

I recently enjoyed spending the day with Anne, Merritt and their 9-day-old bundle of joy, Caleb! The vibrant, storybook-themed nursery that the couple had decorated offered a great backdrop for many of the photos of this future bookworm.

Throughout the session, it became apparent that Caleb was most content when: 1) Being held by mom or dad, or 2) Donning a stylish outfit, ESPECIALLY if it involved a hat. Luckily these two criteria made for some adorable images!

I’m glad we were able to incorporate so many of the family’s meaningful personal belongings into the shoot…from dad’s musical instruments, to handmade hats and blankets gifted from family and friends…even an outfit showing off Caleb’s Irish heritage.

Congrats, Anne and Merritt, and here’s to the exciting adventures that lie ahead in this new chapter of your lives!

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